How to be seen at basketball tryouts

Over the years I have had many basketball tryouts with teams. When I was in the early years of my playing career I remember I found it really difficult to get the ball. Too many ball hogs trying to get their own. As a pure shooter this meant that I couldn’t show off my skill. As I matured it came evident to me that there are still ways, more powerful ways of getting a coaches attention.

Here are some tips that work for me.

  • Find the best player on the opposition team that you are scrimmaging with and guard him/ her. Try and find the best player at try outs who actually is a permanent member of the team.
  • Hustle – dive for loose balls, box out, screen strong and do the little things. If you hit the floor for a loose ball the whole gym generally stops. Coaches love players that get floor burns.
  • Talk – talking and very loud is something that people have to take notice of. Screaming things like “Split line help” or “Ball ball ball” and “Screen left, screen right” is a huge tick for a coach.
  • Follow instructions – listen to what the coaches say, if you are unclear ask questions. I make it a point to always ask questions to show the coach that I care and want to execute the play exactly the way it’s designed.

These are some easy tips that have worked for me and is currently working for me. What are some tip you have that have worked for you? Please share on the comments sections below.

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