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Do you want to play college basketball in USA but you don’t have any contacts? Not a first round draft pick but you’d like to play pro somewhere? Or are you a passionate basketball player looking to play a high standard of basketball? 

No worries, No Borders Basketball can help you.

No Borders Basketball Vision

Our vision is to help every basketball player no matter what their background or financial status reach their dream of playing a high level of basketball.

It is our goal to help fellow basketball players and give back to the community to try bettering other people’s lives through basketball.

I want to play college basketball

Playing college doesn’t have to mean you need to register into basketball academies or rep teams. Here are some methods I used to get a gig playing college in USA.

I want to play professional basketball

You don’t have to be a superstar to play pro. I was an average basketball player that has been fortunate enough to play professionally around the world.


Current and past professional basketball players, college super stars, Aussies playing in the states, coaches and agents all in one place sharing their knowledge. Welcome to No Borders Basketball podcast.

build your basketball profile

Finally, the first of a series of No Borders Basketball eBooks is published!

If you dream of playing college or professional basketball and you don’t have recruits or scouts working for you Build Your Basketball Profile eBook is for you! Build Your Basketball Profile is a step to step guide on how any average basketball player with a dream can be noticed by teams and coaching staff around the world.

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