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Young basketball players often think the only way to play college or professional basketball is to have recruits find positions on team for them. Or they they believe you just have to be lucky.

Being a basketball nomad, I broke convention and did the recruiting for myself, developing a formula that saw me play college basketball in USA and professional basketball in Europe.

Build Your Basketball Profile is a step to step guide on how any average basketball player with a dream can be noticed by teams and coaching staff around the world. With the consultation of college and professional coaches, the book explains every detail you need to know to build a basketball profile – video editing, social media, contacting coaching staff.

The book is an expansion to the article published on No Borders Basketball, How to write a basketball resume.
The book breaks down the 4 key concepts for an air tight basketball profile:

  • Creating a basketball resume
  • Creating a recruiting video
  • Social media campaigns
  • Building your own website (optional, not compulsory)

By explaining each key concept in depth; implement one of the 4 concepts will be enough for you to approach coaching staff in both the college and professional ranks.

Additional to the book is a template that can be downloaded to create your very own basketball resume. It’s sleek, professionally done and it’s FREE with your copy of the Build Your Basketball Profile eBook.

With more additional strategies and resources on the No Borders Basketball website, Build Your Basketball Profile is the ultimate resource for realising your dream of playing basketball at a professional standard.

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