Training Advice Disclaimer

No Borders Basketball Training Advice Disclaimer

No Borders Basketball does not take responsibility for any training advice, hints and tips on this site that result in injury. The articles on the site are a guideline and as such should be used in cooperation with a trained professional to ensure prevention of injury.

The training content on this site is not guaranteeing result or performance increase. Please ensure that the content provided on this site is training processes that have worked for specific people and not necessarily from a subject matter expert.

No Borders Basketball doesn’t take any responsibility for any injuries cause by training methods listed on the site or third party sites that have external links to this site. No Borders Basketball will not be held liable for any financial compensation for injuries incurred as a result of following any content on site.

If you have been hurt please contact a medical professional immediately.

Third part tournaments & events

As a part of the Training Advice Disclaimer,  No Borders Basketball does not take any responsibility for an injuries incurred during a tournament or even advertised on the site. Users participate at their own risk; No Borders basketball including their parties are not liable for compensation for injuries incurred during events.

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