Why getting to basketball practice early is the best thing you can do

Basketball Practice Etiquette

I sometime struggle to understand how players on any semi-professional basketball league can stroll in at the time of tip off. It’s like coming to a game as the whistle has been blown to start the jump ball.

Getting in early to trainings, tryouts and games is a must. In most cases professional teams will suspend and fine players for coming in late. Get into the habit of getting to practice at least an hour early.

Why is getting into practice so important?

  • Enables you to meet and introduce yourself to coaching staff and have a short discussion. First impressions last, if you are early and make yourself known you appear professional and keen.
  • Allows you to get a good warm up and stretch. Having a good warm up is not only good for your performance during the training session but it also prevents you from injury. After all, if you are scheduling multiple tryouts over a period of time the last thing you want is injury.
  • Getting some shots up and getting a feel for the court. The best tryouts I have ever had is when I have got to the training facility early and went through my shooting and ball handling routine. This is something I also do before games. Doing this will settle your nerves if you are a nervous player and get you focused.
  • When you are rushed or late your body tends to be under stress. This is detrimental to any tryouts. Mental health plays as important role as physical health when it comes to basketball. If you are rushing to the venue and running late chances are your focus will be impaired.

Getting early to a tryout is one link in a chain of things to do for a successful performance in a basketball team tryout. If you’d like read more articles to prep yourself for a successful tryout please be sure to visit here.

What time do you get to basketball practice? Are you someone that gets in early or are you someone that comes in just in time. Comment below and share with me what type of person you are and why. 

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