Is fear blocking my dreams?

Work or Basketball. What do you chose?

Well it is certainly interesting times for me; an interesting two weeks in fact. Three months ago I put in leave for work and recently I was asked by my boss to work on my holidays. Work on my holidays? According to my boss I am “business critical” and I am unable to take a full month of leave. Even though plenty of other people in the business have taken more.

When I was told that I was expected to work on my leave period it was easy to tell my boss no and hand in my resignation. Naturally the reaction you get from people is “you are throwing in your job for basketball?”. My answer is “Yes, it makes me happy”.

Obviously being 36 people expect you to settle down and take responsibility. I can’t see how what I did can be seem irresponsible. I was working for a complete imbecile of a manager that made me very unhappy at work (even though I loved my work and enjoyed the surrounding people I worked with). Isn’t being happy what life should be? Basketball makes me happy even though I am past my prime I still love the challenge and the team atmosphere.

Don’t let fear take over, take the plunge

Thoughts have crossed my mind and fear has set in more than once. I find myself worrying about my house mortgage and the possibility of not having income coming in after this basketball holiday.

It has really dawned on me and I have realised that these are all irrational fears. None of what I am thinking about has actually happened. Sure, they still can happen but what’s the worst that can happen? I have to sell my house and move in with my parents again? I have to sell my collection of cars to free up money? Fact is, that there’s nothing really bad that should stop me from going over to Europe and playing another season of Summer League.

From all that I have gone through recently it makes me cast my mind back and think about what I have surrendered for fear. Particularly basketball.

Irrational fears are something that everyone in basketball needs to identify. You have to ask yourself, what is the worst that could happen? If you fail, it isn’t hard to start again. I am happy to sell my house and cars for a chance to play another summer of basketball here in Europe. I can easily start again. I am qualified, I can and will get another job but what I won’t be able to do is have my time back and wined back my regret.

The one thing I do however believe you should never neglect is learning/ studying. School or university should go hand in hand with basketball. Remember, you can’t play college basketball unless you are actually studying and getting a C+ average.

I’m not sitting here writing this article telling you to toss in whatever you are doing right now. No! But if basketball is your passions and you are not doing it. Make a change. Small or large, doesn’t matter. But do not let irrational fear prevent you from hooping or reaching your dreams.

Thanks for your time reading the article. If you are faced with a similar situations currently or in the past I’d like to know about it and how you handles it. Please use the comment section below.

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